This is the group behind it all


Meet Our Talented Team Members

RJ Contreras


“For years i’ve had the desire to create a series that goes much further than just a “race day”. My vision has been to create a platform that accommodates multiple lifestyles and gives them floor to show what they are all about. I want to see Music, Cars, Vendors, dance battles and more all in one space. I feel that due to lack of education we have lost a bit of our car culture essence and that we need a platform to rebuilt it and show new generations what we are all about. Doing this project with this team is a dream come true”

Rob McInerney


My goal is to create an environment where drivers can thrive. I have wanted change the way the drift scene has been ran in SoCal for a long time. Now it is my mission to help mold drivers and teams to become the best they can be. I have years of experience running drift events and I am able to use that to progress drifting in California. I appreciate the opportunity and hope we can all work together to make the best of this Motorsport!”

Jeff Jones


“I’ve been looking into doing my own competition for a few years now. SoCal has always had awesome talent and drivers, but in the last few years I felt that we were missing our own arena.

I’m hoping to put the BEST drivers in front of a large crowd and showcase the talent that SoCal has. I couldn’t do this alone so it wasn’t till the right people aligned that I felt that we could create this the right way.

So now I’m SUPER EXCITED to put forth what I think will be SoCal’s Best Drift Competition Series Festival next to Formula Drift”

Adrian Ramirez


After years of helping to host huge automotive events such as, 86 Fest. @fckn.acr x @tarmacfunctions is excited to get back to business! With the lack of proper excitement and entertainment at most car shows, I can’t wait to utilize my strong networking I have created through working with some of the largest brands in this industry! I hope my event logistics skills will help to build not only a great car show but an overall great Festival for everyone to enjoy!”